Toyota Supra sales decline 46% despite introduction of manual gearbox

In 2023, Toyota faced a significant decline in GR Supra sales, with only 2,652 units sold in the U.S., marking a sharp 46.4% decrease from the 4,952 units sold in 2022. Despite the introduction of a manual transmission option, the sales slump contrasted with Toyota’s overall U.S. sales increase of 6.6% to 2,248,477 units for the same period.

Similarly, the GR86 experienced a 7.7% drop in U.S. sales, totaling 11,078 units, emphasizing the surprising underperformance of the Supra, especially when compared to Toyota’s overall positive sales trend in 2023. Despite the addition of a manual transmission to the Supra for the 2024 model year, prices were raised by approximately $900, further impacting its market appeal.

Traditionally, sports cars exhibit strong early sales, followed by a decline in later years. The A90-generation Supra, introduced in the 2020 model year, shares its foundation with the BMW Z4, which is now equipped with a manual transmission for 2024. This suggests a natural progression in the sports car market lifecycle.

Toyota is reportedly working on a performance flagship for the 2025 model year, speculated to carry a GRMN badge, aligning it with competitors like Subaru’s STI and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG divisions. Although camouflaged Supra prototypes with enhancements have been observed, Toyota has not officially confirmed any plans for new variants.

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