Our website started in 2009 the way so many car sites have: with a forum. Our community quickly grew, as auto enthusiasts from all over would join the fray and discuss the latest happenings in the beautiful world of cars.

All successful businesses need their break, and ours came in 2012 when GM gave us the opportunity to review a car. It was at that point when a forum simply wasn’t big enough to accommodate the material that we had to offer.

And so, in 2012 the blog was born, and since that time it has grown steadily, as we’ve expanded our features, our content, our team, and our style.

What was once simply a forum for car geeks to get together and gab about the latest models and technology, is now a team featuring two managers and a strong crew of road test editors and contributors.

Need the latest news from the auto show? We’ve got it. Need the info for a newly released model that you’ve been anticipating? It’s on our site. Need the latest news, and reviews from recently released vehicles? We’re here.

Or if you just need a place to talk cars with fellow auto lovers, our forum is still alive and well.

And if we’ve come this far in only a few years, you can only guess where we’re headed.


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