Steering clear of trouble- common driving errors to avoid

Millions of people use cars to get from A to B, reaching their destinations without any issues. Most drivers are careful but driver errors remain the most common cause of collisions and accidents. In this guide, we’ll highlight some common mistakes to avoid to steer clear of trouble.


Speed restrictions are in place to promote safety and reduce the risk of severe injuries. If you’re driving too fast and you cause a crash, you will be held liable for the accident and the other party may decide to pursue legal action after taking advice from an auto accident attorney. Make sure you are aware of restrictions, pay attention to your speedometer and slow down if visibility is poor, traffic is heavy or there are obstructions in the road. You will need to increase your stopping distance if the surface is wet or icy. 

Distracted driving

Life can get hectic and often, we find ourselves trying to multitask. Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous because the environment can change instantly. If you’re looking at your phone or talking to passengers, you could fail to detect hazards. It’s critical to keep your eyes on the road at all times and to be alert to potential dangers, such as a child or an animal running into the road or a car stopping suddenly in front of you. 


Tiredness affects your reactions, it can make it difficult to concentrate and keep your focus and it can even make you nod off at the wheel. If you feel tired, don’t drive. Take a nap and delay your journey. If you are already driving and you start to feel your eyes dropping and your energy levels plummeting, pull over in a safe place, stretch your legs and get some fresh air and have a coffee. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and to postpone your trip if there is a risk of injuring yourself or another driver or pedestrian. 

Drink and drug driving

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs before driving can have devastating implications. The risk of causing an accident will increase dramatically and you could also be charged by the police. If you fancy a drink, arrange for somebody to give you a lift home, take a bus or call a cab. Drug driving, like drink driving, can affect your reaction time and your judgement. You may find that you take risks you would normally even consider and you could end up regretting the decisions you made for many years. Around 40% of fatal crashes in the US involve alcohol or drugs. 

It’s not always possible to steer clear of trouble on the roads but you can maximize your chances of getting to your destination safely by following the rules of the road. Drive carefully, be aware of vehicles around you, give people time and space and avoid driving at all costs if you have been drinking or taking drugs. Keep your eyes on the road, look out for hazards and take a break if you start to feel tired. Careless, dangerous driving can put lives at risk. 

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