2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL Premium R-Line

The 2024 VW Atlas introduces a three-row crossover SUV, alongside its smaller five-seat version, the Atlas Cross Sport, mirroring the Jeep Grand Cherokee and its five-seater variant, the Grand Cherokee L. It rivals models like the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot as a family hauler.


Outside, the 2024 VW Atlas presents a simple yet appealing look, especially with the Cross Sport body style. Opting for fewer seats adds to its charm. This year’s interior upgrade maintains a conservative yet authentic design.

Sporting a 5.1-inch-shorter body, the Cross Sport boasts a sleeker profile, two rows of seats, and a sloping roofline. Its front end design is marked by abundant metallic trim and a prominent VW logo.

Notably, the Atlas exhibits distinctive design elements with chunky fenders accentuating the wheels and stylish fender vents. Its rear profile is subtly elegant, featuring expansive glass and bold LED taillights.

Distinguishing between the standard Atlas and the Cross Sport, the roofline variation not only alters cargo capacity but also lends a sportier vibe to the latter. Inside, a larger touchscreen enhances functionality alongside a businesslike ambiance.

At the dashboard’s pinnacle, a 12.0-inch touchscreen commands attention, encircled by plush materials that elevate the cabin’s elegance. A discreet transmission toggle unveils abundant storage space, complemented by a standard 10.3-inch digital gauge cluster.

With its emphasis on premium materials and subtle upgrades, the interior of the 2024 VW Atlas achieves a level of refinement akin to its luxurious counterparts. It features leather upholstery adorned with quilting, elevating its aesthetic appeal.


The Atlas features a new 2.0 turbo-4 engine, producing 269 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque, routed through an 8-speed automatic transmission to either the front or all four wheels. Despite weighing around 4,500 pounds, it achieves a respectable 7.5-second acceleration to 60 mph with smooth gear transitions and minimal cabin noise, thanks to effective sound insulation.

Sport mode improves throttle response and gear shifts, while paddle shifters offer added control, although enthusiasts may prefer a manual-transmission variant for a more dynamic driving experience. With a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds and a comfortable ride quality, the Atlas effectively absorbs road imperfections, even on the R-Line test car’s 21-inch wheels.

Whether choosing the seven-seat Atlas or the five-seat Cross Sport, both exhibit light and somewhat vague steering, yet handle corners with agility and gradual heft buildup.


At carfanaticsblog, we had the opportunity to test drive the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SEL Premium R-Line for a week. With an initial MSRP of $51,445, this price escalates with additional charges such as the $395 exterior paint and destination fee, totaling $53,190.


Rivalling the 2023 Honda Pilot, the seven-seat Atlas and five-seat Atlas Cross Sport highlight traditional SUV features and improved off-road capabilities. Among family vehicles like the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride, the roomy Atlas emerges as a top-tier three-row crossover SUV.

With diverse offerings like the three-row Grand Highlander and roomy Grand Cherokee L, the Toyota Highlander and Jeep Grand Cherokee suit various family sizes. Setting itself apart from the Atlas, the Subaru Ascent boasts standard all-wheel drive, even while sharing a turbo-4 engine.

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