Porsche’s Exclusive Turbonite Trim Revamps Badge for Turbo Models

On Tuesday, Porsche revealed its intention to introduce distinctive design elements in upcoming Turbo models, focusing on both exterior and interior details in a specialized color named Turbonite gray. This unique styling approach will extend to the iconic Porsche crest logo, which, following a recent revision, will feature Turbonite accents in place of the traditional gold elements on future Turbo models.

The gray finish will extend to the red areas, and Turbonite will also be present in various elements, including the rear lettering, side window surrounds, and, in some models, front fascia inlays and wheel accents.

In the interior, upcoming Turbo owners can anticipate Turbonite in the safety belts, specific trim strips, and certain vehicle controls. Additionally, it will serve as contrasting stitching when paired with black leather trim.

Porsche has confirmed that the redesigned 2024 Panamera Turbo models, featuring the new Turbonite accents, will make their debut on November 24. The Turbo designation, initially introduced in 1974 on the 911, marked the introduction of a 3.0-liter flat-6 turbocharged engine, producing around 256 hp for the first time.

Since the debut of the Taycan electric car in the late 2010s, the Turbo label has transformed into a distinct sub-brand within Porsche. This shift, endorsed by Porsche’s design head Michael Mauer, underscores the Turbo designation’s synonymous association with their premier models, essentially establishing it as a standalone brand.

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