Road science suggest size doesn’t matter

Driving on the road there seems to be some kind of human concept of inherent fairness implemented. Apparently the bigger you are, the less right you have to bully other drivers but they in contrast can’t bully you. At least that’s what the concept suggests even though we all know if you drive long enough, that isn’t true. Size doesn’t matter on the road, anyone can threaten another driver no matter what they’re driving. Yes, it’s taking a risk when you are trying to cut off a large vehicle but if you haven’t contemplated the consequences you may not live to regret it.

That being said, nor can you then blame the larger vehicle in a court of law. Despite having more damage done to your car and suffering injuries, you don’t have the right to blame the larger, slower vehicle. That’s something that has taken years to establish in the minds of drivers as they have often thought that might equals right in the minds of truckers. Size doesn’t matter and here are a few examples as to why not.


When you first start to learn how to drive you will come across the rule or concept that whoever hits another driver from the rear is always at fault. This is incredibly bizarre and why this concept has been accepted by many people is beyond logic and comprehension. As you can see in many YouTube videos, many motorists in their fit of rage and emotional volatility will cut off a driver they believe has wronged them and then slam on the brakes.

This is to scare the vehicle they just passed and get them to brake hard suddenly. Brake checking is the number one cause of rear-end collisions. Yes you get the odd driver that misjudged the distance and brakes too late and ends up hitting someone from behind. However cars have done this to trucks on the highways and have been found guilty instead of the larger vehicle traveling behind them. Playing the victim in this situation isn’t going to work.


Many cars nowadays have dash cams that can see everything that happens out in front of the vehicle. They run using the car battery and save the footage of each drive to a hard drive but can have the video uploaded to a server and account of the driver. It’s little wonder then that personal injury lawyers are asking for this footage or questioning their client whether they have a dashcam so that liability can be proven outright.

This is the search for the at-fault party, so that only one party is held accountable for any and all damages. It doesn’t matter if a motorbike crashes into your car, if you have one of these dash cams you can prove if they were speeding, cutting you off or taking risks that you cannot be responsible for.

The dashcam has saved many car drivers from looking like the bad guy in court when involved in an accident with a motorbike. Despite the other party being severely injured, size doesn’t matter and the car driver cannot be automatically at fault.

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