Porsche unveils third-gen Panamera’s interior design

Scheduled for debut on November 24th, Porsche has released a sneak peek of the interior of the soon-to-be-revealed revamped Panamera. Serving as the latest iteration of the model, the upcoming Panamera showcases significant strides in cabin technology, albeit characterized more as a substantial upgrade rather than a total revamp compared to its previous version.

Taking cues from the refreshed 2024 Cayenne, the Panamera’s dashboard showcases a design reminiscent of its sibling. It features a 12.6-inch digital gauge cluster alongside two touchscreen displays: one central to the infotainment system and another, strategically positioned for the convenience of the front-seat passenger, dedicated to media functions.

Moreover, a fourth screen has been seamlessly incorporated into the center console, granting rear-seat passengers access to control various functionalities, although its widespread availability is yet to be confirmed. Porsche has also verified the addition of a head-up display, which will be offered as an optional feature.

In line with the Cayenne’s design approach, the Panamera has shifted its gear selector to the dashboard, effectively establishing a distinct boundary between the gauge cluster and the infotainment screen. Simultaneously, the electronically-operated central air vents have been positioned on the center console, resulting in a conspicuous reduction of physical controls and consequently, an expansion in the storage capacity.

Nevertheless, certain physical controls, particularly those governing climate settings, continue to be located on the center console. Porsche has guaranteed a diverse range of personalization options for the new Panamera, alongside improvements in the seat foam padding, intended to elevate overall comfort levels.

Constructed on a revised iteration of the Volkswagen Group’s MSB platform, the latest Panamera showcases an upgraded suspension equipped with dual-valve dampers, providing an optional inclusion of active dampers, along with the introduction of a new dual-clutch automatic transmission. Porsche has also affirmed the incorporation of extended-range plug-in hybrid powertrains, indicating additional improvements in the vehicle’s performance.

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