BMW secures the ‘iM3’ trademark for the upcoming high-performance EV

BMW has recently filed a trademark for the “iM3” name with the German patent and trademark office via CarBuzz. This move signals a shift towards a more straightforward naming convention for the automaker. The implications of this trademark hint at the introduction of an electric version of the BMW M3 as the initial electric M car to be launched.

The use of the “iM3” name implies a coexistence between the current inline-six-powered M3 and the forthcoming electric iM3, based on comments by BMW board member Frank Weber to Autocar in September. This transitional period appears to be part of BMW’s strategy.

Rumors and insider information suggest that the upcoming BMW iM3, identified by the chassis code ZA0, will boast an impressive 700 horsepower generated by a quad-motor setup. Additionally, reports indicate the potential development of a BMW iM3 wagon, with the chassis code ZA1. However, it’s unlikely that this wagon variant will be available in the United States upon its release.

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