Cadillac Confirms 2026 VISTIQ, a “globally sized” three-row SUV

Cadillac has unveiled a glimpse of its new electric mid-size SUV, the Vistiq, slated for the 2026 model year. Positioned as Cadillac’s globally sized three-row SUV, the Vistiq emphasizes spaciousness and cargo capability, filling the gap between the Lyriq and the upcoming 2025 Escalade IQ, which will also feature a third row, albeit with a substantial length at 224.3 inches.

While specific dimensions for the Vistiq remain undisclosed, it is expected to hover around 200 inches, aligning more closely with the gas-powered XT6 at 198.5 inches. As Cadillac extends its presence in international markets, including Australia and select European countries, the brand aims to cover diverse luxury SUV segments globally within the next two years, according to Cadillac Vice President John Roth.

Cadillac’s foray into global markets involves utilizing General Motors’ Ultium platform and battery technology across its electric vehicle lineup. The Vistiq, sharing similarities with the Lyriq, is anticipated to offer powertrain options comparable to its counterpart, featuring a 100 kWh battery and the flexibility of rear- or all-wheel drive. Opting for all-wheel drive could potentially yield a peak output of around 500 horsepower.

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