Nissan unveils Hyper Force concept, hinting at electric future for next GT-R at 2023 Tokyo Show

Nissan’s debut of the Hyper Force concept at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show is sparking speculation about the future path of the renowned GT-R sports car. Though not explicitly labeled as a GT-R, this unexpected addition to Nissan’s Hyper lineup of electric concepts mirrors the revered Japanese sports car in a striking manner.

Drawing on unmistakable design cues reminiscent of the GT-R, the Hyper Force showcases GT-R-inspired styling, silver-topped and red-bottomed front and rear badges, a nod to the jet fighter cockpit design, distinctive stovetop taillights, and a substantial rear wing, along with headlight cutouts reminiscent of the R34 generation.

Under the hood, the Hyper Force packs an electric punch with 1,341 horsepower (1,000 kW), featuring an advanced version of Nissan’s e-4ORCE electric torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system and a cutting-edge solid-state battery. The integration of this technology represents a significant leap forward, promising reduced battery weight, increased range, and improved charging efficiency, with plans for potential implementation by 2028.

Built with a carbon-fiber framework, including carbon-fiber wheels, and finely tuned with an aerodynamic package from Nismo’s race engineers, the Hyper Force boasts elements like the hood duct, lip spoiler, front flics, rear wing, and rear diffuser, all working harmoniously to generate substantial downforce at high speeds. Introducing plasma actuators, Nissan strategically positions electrodes to charge air particles and manipulate them through a magnetic field, enhancing the car’s aerodynamic performance.

While Nissan remains silent on whether the Hyper Force will directly evolve into the next GT-R, the automaker unequivocally asserts that this concept embodies its vision for the “next-generation high-performance car.” Nissan’s last official statement on the GT-R, made in 2021, confirmed the development of a new platform for the upcoming GT-R, the R36.

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