Lexus unveils luxury electric hatchback/coupe preview with LF-ZC concept for 2026 release

At the Tokyo auto show, Lexus unveiled the LF-ZC concept, hinting at an exciting electric era ahead. Scheduled for a 2026 debut, Simon Humphries, the company’s chief branding officer, envisions the LF-ZC as a seamless fusion of physical and digital innovations. It’s worth noting that this model shares its electric framework with the upcoming LF-ZL SUV, underscoring Lexus’s firm dedication to electrification.

Embracing a principle of “provocative simplicity,” the LF-ZC boasts a distinct Lexus aesthetic. Noteworthy design elements include a reimagined elongated-check-mark headlight design and striking triangular black shapes on the bumper, reminiscent of the LFA supercar’s apertures. Its side profile exudes an intricate elegance, with concave and convex shapes seamlessly blending into the fenders and doors, while the low, coupe-like roofline gracefully tapers toward the rear.

While specific performance details are yet to be disclosed, Lexus has revealed that the LF-ZC measures 187.0 inches in length, slightly exceeding its predecessor, the Lexus IS sedan. Impressively, it stands at 54.8 inches tall, boasting a notably sleek stance by EV standards. Notably, the targeted drag coefficient of 0.20 promises exceptional aerodynamic efficiency.

Internally, the LF-ZC features a futuristic yet practical cabin, with an innovative control layout that might replace the traditional steering wheel with a pared-down yoke. Lexus plans to integrate vehicle functions like drive mode selection and infotainment into two touch-sensitive digital pads. Additionally, the concept highlights the integration of the next-generation prismatic battery pack, doubling the range of typical EVs, a significant step in addressing range anxiety concerns.

Lexus aims to equip both the LF-ZC and its larger sibling, the LF-ZL, with the state-of-the-art Arene OS. This operating system facilitates a seamless amalgamation of the real and virtual realms, offering various intriguing features, including the potential for engaging in e-sports using steer-by-wire technology within the vehicle. Furthermore, an AI-enabled virtual assistant named Butler is set to personalize vehicle settings for owners, while the LF-ZC will feature a windshield projection of critical information.

Differing from its counterpart, the LF-ZL emerges as a substantial and impressive variant, measuring 208.7 inches in length and boasting a generous 131.9-inch wheelbase. Visual representations depict a combination of conventional front doors and sliding rear doors, positioning it as the flagship model in the Lexus lineup.

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