Honda debuts $995 urban e-scooter: Compact, foldable, and 12-mile range

In the early 1980s, Honda introduced the City, a subcompact hatchback, in Japan. While the City had many similarities with other small cars of its time, it set itself apart with a unique feature: the ability to store a foldable scooter known as the Motocompo in its cargo area. This idea of a collapsible scooter is making a comeback, but this time, it’s going electric with the debut of the new Motocompacto.

The original Motocompo was equipped with a 49cc two-stroke, single-cylinder engine. Its seat, handlebars, and foot pegs could conveniently fold into its body, and with a weight of just under 100 pounds, it was easily manageable and could be stored in the rear of the City. In contrast, the Motocompacto is exceptionally lightweight, tipping the scales at only 41.3 pounds. When folded, it measures 29.2 inches in length, 21.1 inches in height, and a mere 3.7 inches in width, making it a perfect fit for the trunk of a Honda Civic.

When it’s time to ride, the handlebars and seat effortlessly extend, and the rear wheel deploys from the back. Its 6.8 Ah battery provides a riding range of up to 12 miles with a top speed of 15 mph. Recharging the battery takes around 3.5 hours when using a 120V outlet. Notably, the Motocompacto, unlike its predecessor, was developed in the United States, specifically in Ohio and California, with the U.S. market in focus.

The Motocompacto features an aluminum frame, LED lights both at the front and rear, a kickstand, and a welded steel hoop for enhanced security when parked. Honda plans to make the Motocompacto available for purchase starting in November, with a price tag of $995 through authorized Honda and Acura dealerships.

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