Mercedes reveals One-Eleven concept, an electrified take on the modernized C111 design

During Mercedes’ “Design No.5” event, the One-Eleven was unveiled as a contemporary reinterpretation of the experimental C111 vehicles, showcasing innovation. It retains the iconic wedge shape and gullwing doors, with a vibrant orange color reminiscent of the original cars.

The One-Eleven introduces a pixelated display for headlights and messages to drivers, replacing the honeycomb grille of the C111. Its rear end features customizable taillights and blue lighting along the rear wheels, visible from inside the vehicle.

With autonomous driving capabilities, the One-Eleven’s cabin offers two modes: Race and Lounge. Race mode positions seats upright for a clear view of the road, while Lounge mode prioritizes driver comfort by allowing seats to recline.

Powering the One-Eleven is a fully electric powertrain with a single axial-flux motor sourced from YASA, a British company owned by Mercedes. This technology, similar to Koenigsegg’s Quark electric motor, provides a lighter, more compact, and potent alternative to radial-flux motors in current electric vehicles. Axial-flux motors exhibit superior efficiency and higher sustainable power reserves, resulting in exceptional performance.

Mercedes hasn’t disclosed power specifications or performance details yet, and the One-Eleven is expected to remain a concept vehicle, highlighting future technologies. The company plans to integrate axial-flux motors into their next generation of electric cars for mass production.

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