Top 4 U.S. auto giants skip Super Bowl after 23 years

After a 23-year tradition, the four major American automakers are breaking with tradition by refraining from airing national Super Bowl ads. However, foreign-owned companies such as Kia and Volkswagen are stepping in to fill the void, attributing the shift to the challenges in the U.S. automotive market.

Intensified by weakening consumer demand and elevated interest rates, major automakers like Ford, Toyota, GM, and Stellantis (Chrysler’s parent company) are scaling down advertising expenses. Despite traditionally being a Super Bowl fixture, Stellantis, for instance, will break a 15-year streak by forgoing a 30-second, $7 million commercial slot in this year’s game, marking a departure from the norm since 2001.

In navigating the challenges of the U.S. automotive market, Stellantis emphasizes preserving business fundamentals, opting out of this year’s Big Game. Meanwhile, Toyota, the official automotive sponsor of the NFL, plans a dynamic on-the-ground activation experience, foregoing a traditional ad to engage audiences before and during the game.

GM has affirmed its absence from Super Bowl advertising, citing an ongoing adjustment of media strategies to align with business priorities. Ford’s response to the matter remains unavailable at the moment.

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