How you can reduce the chances of being in a car accident

People rely on cars for many reasons, from driving to and from work, taking the children to school, and doing the weekly shop. They certainly make life easier for a lot of people and some may even be lost without a car. With more and more people relying heavily on cars each day, the volume of traffic on the roads has increased. More cars on the roads mean more car accidents

While you may be a cautious and careful driver, it doesn’t mean everyone else on the road is. Some of the common causes of accidents are drink driving, driver error, and driver distraction. Other factors include bad weather conditions and faults with the vehicle. So how can you reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident? There are several ways in which you can reduce your chances of getting caught up in a car crash, keep reading to find out how. 


Although the drink drive limit is 0.08% in the US, it’s best to avoid alcohol completely if you are looking for the only real safe way to approach driving. If you are heading out with friends and know the chance to have a drink will arise, it’s best to leave the car at home. 


Speeding is another common cause when it comes to car accidents. People may think that if you speed and you get caught you just pay the fine and go about your day. But speeding can vastly increase your chances of being involved in an accident. So if you are running late to a meeting or picking the children up, slow down as nothing is worth putting your life and other people’s lives at risk. 


This may seem like an obvious point but you’d be surprised at how many people are easily distracted when driving and not focusing on the road ahead. There are many distractions that present themselves the moment you get behind the wheel. Things like playing loud music, switching radio stations, re-setting your GPS, and other passengers talking to you are all common distractions. It’s your role as the driver to avoid all of these distractions as best as you can. 


Consider fitting a black box in your car which can help monitor your day-to-day driving habits. You’ll be able to see where you need to improve on your driving skills like your speed or braking distances. You may also want to consider placing a dash-cam in your car as these have been proven to contribute to safer driving habits. 


The leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States is vehicle crashes, and there are millions of workers who drive as part of their employment. If you drive for a living then your chances of being involved in an accident are higher statistically, so therefore you should be cautious and pay greater attention at all times when driving at work. If you are involved in a work-related car accident, you should contact car crash attorneys to discuss seeking compensation for any losses that occurred. 


Another way to reduce your chances of being in a car accident is to drive a safe, reliable car. This is dependant on your budget but if you can, try to choose a vehicle that is fitted with extra safety measures. Things you should look for in a car include a collision avoidance system (CAS), lane departure warning (LAW), rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot warning (BSW) system. All of these features are designed with safety in mind to help protect you from a potential accident. 


Every time you get behind the wheel you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Feeling tired, angry or stressed can take your focus away from the road. Driving when feeling tired can be fatal, so remember to pull over. If you are feeling angry or stressed, this can be dangerous too. Always try to remain calm and relaxed.


There are many ways you can try to keep educating yourself when it comes to driving safe on the road to avoid a car accident. Whether you choose to make use of the many resources available online or take an advanced driving test, there are various ways you can reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident. 

Although you can’t predict how other road users will be, you can try to minimize your own exposure to risk. 

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