Tips to keep your car looking like new

Whether you use your car every day or occasionally, over time, it starts to wear down. Keeping your car like it was when you first bought it is important so that you can get as much use out of it as possible. Here are some tips to keep your car looking like new.


Paint jobs are good for your car when you see damage to the car’s paint surface. It might be caused by weather damage and the sun fading the color’s boldness. You may also have slight surface marks and scratches that have been caused by you simply brushing against it with your bag or from other people getting too close to your car.

This is simply wear and tear, something you can’t really prevent from happening to your car. However, a paint job is good to get every so often to give it a fresh look. There are also services like car wrapping where you can change the colour or pattern of your car to something completely new.


Cleaning your car is just as important as cleaning your home, and when you might be using your car on a daily basis, it’s good to give it a weekly clean. Take a small hand-held hoover into your car and a damp cloth. Give it all a wipe down, taking care to remove any empty food packaging and then hoover every area to give it a full clean. You might also want to wash out any car mats as this can be a place where bacteria and dirt can live, especially underneath them.


For a more intense clean, mobile car detailing is for those who may want a more deeper clean for their car than just simply the basics products and tools that you can find. Going to a professional company who have the best equipment to create incredible results and to have your car looking like it just rolled off the manufacturing line. It’s something you can get done in the comfort of your home or to drop it off somewhere to get cleaned. It’s a quick and easy thing to do and worth doing every so often.


Weather damage is the most common form of damage that gets done to the car, and once it’s taken effect, you’ll need to pay the money needed to repair it. To try and avoid these costs and the effort, do what you can to protect it from weather damage.

Things like sealants are good to make them weather-proof, or you might want to keep them stored away in a garage or under a sheltered roof space. Do what you can to protect the surface of the car, and you’ll spend less and keep it looking new.

Keeping up with your car’s cleaning and regular top-up of protection is important, and it’ll certainly help your car last a lot longer too.

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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