Tips to protect yourself after a car accident

No matter how good of a driver you are, you can’t always rely on others to drive safely. As much as you’re an excellent driver, you might also be a cautious one. Still, there’s no guarantee that other drivers will be so responsible. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Such recklessness from everybody else on the road means that, while you might do all you can to avoid accidents, they can still happen, so it’s essential you know how to protect yourself should you be involved in one. 


If you can sense a collision coming (congrats on the Spidey Sense, by the way), then you must try to prepare yourself from the impact. However, you must prepare yourself the right way. Most will try to make their body as small as possible, but this can only cause further injury. Instead, keep your back and neck straight and your hands on the wheel. It may also be useful to have a multitool in the glove compartment if you need to cut yourself out of your seatbelt, whereas a First Aid Kit is always essential. 


Most of the time following an accident or collision, your car will still be drivable. With this in mind, you must get somewhere safe, especially if you’re on the highway. While the vehicles around you will know there is an accident, oncoming cars may not have been warned in time, whether because of a faulty GPS or not having traffic alerts on. If you can get out of the road to a safe location quickly, you will minimize the risk of further collisions. 


Your first instincts will be to call your parents or partner, but before you do this, you’ll need to get the emergency services to your location as quickly as possible. If you can, make sure you are the one who calls the police or ambulance, rather than wait on somebody else to do so, which could cause a Bystander Effect where no one takes charge. You may also need to think about how to find a car accident lawyer who can offer advice about what and what not to say should you need a police interview. 


Evidence is always essential when it comes to a car accident. One of the most useful ways to collect this evidence is by a dashcam, but you must make sure they are legal for your location. Besides a dashcam, make sure to collect the details of the other party, or parties, while also speaking to any witnesses so you can pass their details on to the authorities if they need them. You might still be quite confused following the accident, however, so give yourself some time to calm down first. 


Getting involved in a car accident can be stressful, especially if it was not your fault. These tips should help protect yourself from injury and liability, meaning all you need to focus on is feeling ready to get behind the wheel again. 

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