Tesla Cybertruck recalled for unintended acceleration issue.

Tesla is issuing a recall for the Cybertruck due to accelerator pedals potentially sticking, leading to unintended acceleration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highlights that the issue arises from a pad dislodging and becoming trapped by interior trim, likely caused by the use of soap during assembly.

An “unapproved” use of soap during assembly facilitated the attachment of the pad to the accelerator pedal. The residual soap increases the likelihood of the pad sliding off and getting stuck in the interior trim.

Affected by the recall are 3,878 vehicles manufactured between November 13, 2023, and April 4, 2024, covering most if not all Cybertrucks delivered to customers so far. Tesla plans to replace or rework the accelerator-pedal assembly at no cost to address the issue promptly.

The NHTSA advises that continuous application of the brake pedal during unintended acceleration will effectively bring the vehicle to a stop. Tesla is currently unaware of any accidents, injuries, or fatalities stemming from this issue as of April 15, with the problem first reported through a customer complaint on March 31.

Cybertruck production commenced at Tesla’s Austin, Texas plant in July 2023, with initial deliveries taking place in December of the same year, two years behind schedule. Despite its delayed arrival, the Cybertruck faces concerns such as higher costs and lower range than originally promised.

This marks the second recall for the Cybertruck despite its relatively short time on the market, the previous one in January addressing the issue of warning light font size being too small.

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