Rimac Nevera breaks 171mph reverse speed record, outpacing Mustang Dark Horse’s forward speed

The impressive hypercar, with a staggering 1,914 horsepower under its hood, has been accomplishing a series of remarkable feats related to acceleration and braking in recent months. Most recently, it set a new record for the highest speed ever achieved by a production car in reverse.

On October 7, at Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg complex, a Nevera driven by Rimac’s test driver Goran Drndak hit an astonishing 171.34 mph while moving backward on one of the straightaways. This extraordinary accomplishment was facilitated by the Nevera’s unconventional gearless design, where its four electric motors simply rotate in the opposite direction for reverse motion.

However, the Nevera, along with its cooling systems and aerodynamics, wasn’t initially engineered to handle such high reverse speeds. According to the company, earlier simulations had suggested that the car could potentially reach 150 mph, but surpassing this threshold was unexplored territory.

Furthermore, the steering during the record-setting run wasn’t pre-set. Drndak had complete control of the vehicle throughout the entire endeavor, relying on the rearview mirror to stay on track and being prepared to apply the brakes swiftly.

In addition to this recent milestone, the Nevera has secured several other notable production car records, including the fastest 0-60 mph time (1.74 seconds), the quickest quarter-mile time (8.25 seconds), the fastest standing-mile time (20.59 seconds), and the impressive 0-100-0 kph time (3.99 seconds). Notably, it claimed the electric vehicle (EV) top speed record last year, reaching an astonishing 256 mph.

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