Mercedes-Benz reverses course, delays full electric transition beyond 2030 target

During the annual general meeting, CEO Ola K√§llenius announced Mercedes-Benz’s adjustment from its 2030 electric vehicle sales target due to slower EV sales, deciding to continue offering gas-powered cars into the next decade despite its original plan set in 2021.

Mercedes will delay its goal of reaching 50% hybrid and electric vehicle sales by 2025 by five years, as EVs represented only 11% of sales in 2023, increasing to 19% with hybrid sales, even in Europe.

Reports indicate Mercedes intends to persist in manufacturing gas powertrains into the next decade and is prepared to update them based on market demand, unveiling a new platform, the MMA, soon with the redesigned CLA-Class, supporting both hybrid and electric powertrains.

Tailored for compact cars, the MMA platform will serve as the foundation for various vehicles expected to be released in the next decade, offering adaptability to meet future market needs.

In anticipation of potential legislation enforcing bans on gas and diesel vehicles in specific markets, Mercedes may ultimately transition entirely to electric vehicles, aligning with proposed E.U. regulations aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050.

The proposed E.U. legislation aims for a complete elimination of carbon emissions from passenger cars and light vans by 2035, incorporating allowances for vehicles utilizing carbon-neutral e-fuels as part of the broader strategy to achieve climate neutrality.

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