The future of Jaguar lies within the C-X75

Although Jaguar didn’t approve of the hybrid supercar for production, that doesn’t mean that the technology that lies underneath the sheet metal is all for naught. Rather, many of the technological breakthroughs in the C-X75 may find their way into future Jaguars.

We’ve already seen the all-wheel drive system being applied in the XF and XJ saloons, aptly named “Instinctive All-Wheel Drive”. The move to offer this was more to satisfy a demand than anything else, as Jaguar saw that many of their potential customers reside in the Snow Belt, where all-wheel drive is heavily favoured. If successful, Jaguar may apply this to all of their vehicles in the future.

As far as everything else goes, Jaguar will be moving forward with supercharging their V-8s of course, but also maximizing the performance, fuel economy, and CO2 emissions with their smaller engines. The C-X75 features a 1.6L four-cylinder petrol engine, itself producing 502 bhp @ 10,300 rpm (with the assistance of both a turbo and supercharger). To put it into perspective, that’s 313 bhp/litre, 60% more than what the finest engines on the road can produce today. Coupled with twin electric motors, and it visits the 800 bhp+ range, while naught to 60 is achieved in less than six seconds.

And it’s been said that the C-X75 hasn’t even reached its potential yet.

What’s even more impressive about the matte black cat, despite the astronomical numbers coming from the tiny engine, is the fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions (less than 89G/KM). In pure electric mode, it can travel a distance of up to 37 miles. The latter is quickly becoming another vital statistic in roadgoing hybrid supercars today, such as the McLaren P1.

But the best part? The way that it sounds…click on the video to listen for yourself…

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