Ford halts shipments of F-150 Lightning electric trucks

Ford paused F-150 Lightning shipments for quality inspections since February 9, a standard part of the manufacturing process. Ford did not specify concerns, citing routine procedure for new model years.

New 2024 F-150 gasoline and hybrid models began shipping, as reported by Automotive News. Ford’s F-series, notably gasoline and hybrid variants, outsell the electric Lightning.

With 750,000 F-series trucks sold last year, Lightning sales totaled 24,000. Ford assures customers ample inventory until shipments resume.

Production of the Lightning ceased a year ago due to a potential battery issue. Ford offers another electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E, rivaling the Tesla Model Y.

Ford’s Mach-E sales exceeded 40,000 last year. CEO Jim Farley announced ongoing electric vehicle engineering efforts.

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