2025 Jeep-Wagoneer S: Electric SUV launching this fall, 600 hp, 3.5s 0-60, 4xe AWD

Jeep has officially announced the release of its Wagoneer S model in the United States this autumn, indicating its debut as a 2025 model electric midsize SUV.

Initially launching in the U.S., the Wagoneer S will later expand its sales to key global markets, marking Jeep’s inaugural entry into the worldwide electric vehicle market.

Designed to bring Wagoneer-style luxury to a global audience, the Wagoneer S will integrate Jeep’s off-road expertise with electric vehicle performance, featuring 600 hp, 0-60 mph acceleration in approximately 3.5 seconds, and 4xe all-wheel-drive technology.

In its pursuit of enhanced efficiency, the Wagoneer S boasts a more aerodynamic design compared to traditional Jeeps, highlighted by a distinctive swept-back grille with LED accents.

While specific technical details are yet to be disclosed, it is anticipated that the Wagoneer S will utilize Stellantis’ STLA Large dedicated EV platform, tailored for premium midsize and large vehicles. Jeep’s larger Wagoneer SUV is slated for electrification next year, featuring a series plug-in hybrid option with a smaller battery charged by a gas engine during operation.

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