Tesla introduces $1/min fee for Supercharger congestion at 90% battery capacity

Tesla has recently implemented a new Supercharger congestion fee at specific stations in an effort to expedite charging sessions.

In 2019, Tesla introduced a feature at certain Supercharger stations to reduce charging times during peak hours by limiting the state of charge to 80%.

While many users don’t typically charge to 100%, the slower charging rate for the last 20% presented an opportunity to significantly decrease overall charging session durations.

Initially causing concern among owners who occasionally require more than 80% charge, Tesla adjusted the feature to automatically set the state of charge to 80%, allowing manual adjustment to 100% if desired—a solution that alleviated most concerns for years.

However, recognizing the necessity for a more drastic approach, Tesla has officially announced the introduction of congestion fees, replacing idle fees at specific Supercharging locations.

These congestion fees come into effect when a Supercharger is busy, and the vehicle’s battery is above a specified level, with Tesla providing information on the touchscreen about the battery charge level where congestion fees apply.

Users will receive a notification when charging at a station with congestion fees, along with a 5-minute grace period before incurring an extra $1 per minute for each minute beyond reaching a 90% state of charge.

The primary objective of these congestion fees is to diminish the average charging session duration during busy periods, as the final 10% of a fast-charge session tends to be time-consuming, encouraging users to continue driving or, if necessary, charge at a less congested location with a lower state of charge.

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