Tesla Model 3 Highland debuts in North America

Tesla has introduced the upgraded Model 3 Highland to North American consumers after its successful reception in international markets. The sedan, maintaining its familiar pricing, incorporates several enhancements to boost its overall appeal, notably the Long Range trim’s 2.4% increase in efficiency, extending the range to 341 miles.

In its redesigned form, the Model 3 Highland undergoes weight adjustments, shedding 4 pounds in the Long Range trim, resulting in an 8% overall efficiency boost due to improved aerodynamics. The acoustic upgrades promise a quieter ride, with a 30% reduction in wind and ambient noise, along with a 20% decrease in road noise.

The Model 3 Highland’s interior and exterior receive notable attention, featuring a revamped interior with new door cards, premium materials, and multicolor ambient LED lighting for an elevated in-cabin experience. The redesigned steering wheel eliminates stalks, integrating essential controls, while the dash boasts a textured/woven material and the center console includes real metal handles, providing a more premium feel.

Additionally, acoustic glass on rear windows and back window, labeled “360º acoustic glass,” and increased sound insulation contribute to a quieter ride. The exterior enhancements include two new wheel designs for optimized battery life, sleeker lighting designs, and the introduction of two new colors: Ultra Red ($2k) and Stealth Gray (no extra cost).

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