Why the pickup truck is still going strong in 2021

The pickup truck has long been a popular vehicle here in the US since the launch of the first one, the Ford Model TT built in 1917. They have become a cultural icon over the years, featuring heavily in various films and music videos throughout the decades. So what makes this vehicle so popular?


A survey conducted by Ford in 2020 entitled the Great American Truck Survey, answered by 2,000 truck enthusiasts, is an indication of it’s ongoing popularity. The key characteristics of owning a pickup truck that were expressed by people were feelings of accomplishment, dependability and of self reliance.The age group 18-34 came out on top with at least 27% accounting for truck sales, demonstrating its popularity amongst the young. 


If you are going to be driving in more rural areas whereby the roads are going to be full of gravel, mud and uneven surfaces then it is a good option if you are not concerned about external damage. It will certainly be able to deal with these sorts of conditions compared to your average car, due to its durability of difficult weather conditions and road surfaces, which makes it less prone to damage from everyday wear and tear. 


It’s expansive space at the back allows you to fill your pickup truck with either commercial or personal goods. So if you are a construction worker and need to load up the truck with materials or are simply popping to the grocery store for essential goods, you are guaranteed to have enough space to fill with necessary items. 


Due to the height of the truck, it provides you with better visibility on the roads, allowing you to assess other vehicles and pedestrians. With a better view of oncoming traffic this allows you to react quicker to sudden dangers on the road. With the inclusion of inbuilt safety features and its imposing height, this will ultimately provide you with a much safer vehicle to drive for both yourself and your family. 

New Models Each Year

With demand still high each year, new models from various car manufacturers are continually being built. This allows them to continually enhance safety features, provide spacious interiors and perfect the sturdy grille and bumper design, featured for example on the latest 2021 Chevy Silverado


The market for a more eco-friendly design, suggested by 62% of the Great American Truck Survey participants, were particularly jubilant over the prospect of an electric pickup truck. This is where car manufacturers are next going to be setting their sights on. It could certainly provide a positive future for the longevity of the pickup truck if manufacturers are able to incorporate more eco-friendly solutions particularly if the country is hoping to reduce its net emissions of 60% by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.  


Photo Credit: Ford

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