Las Vegas residents remove film blocking view of F1 race track by tearing it down

Formula 1 and Las Vegas appear to be restricting access to the upcoming Grand Prix, favoring those who can afford the hefty price tag. Reports earlier this year revealed F1’s plan to charge businesses $50,000 if they wanted to maintain a view of the racing circuit without any obstructive barriers.

As race day draws near, a pedestrian bridge over the circuit has been covered with privacy film, concealing the track from the public eye. However, a TikTok video by jacobslifeinvegas demonstrates that the people of Las Vegas are not taking this measure lightly.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the affected pedestrian bridge connects the Wynn Las Vegas and the Venetian, a popular spot for capturing photos of The Sphere. It seems evident that F1 aims to discourage people from stopping on the bridge to catch a glimpse of the race, though this practice is common at various tracks.

@jacobslifeinvegas Vegas Revolts Against F1 Racing #vegas #lasvegas #f1 #f1racing ? original sound – Jacob Orth

Nevertheless, the move comes across as a money grab, especially when considering the already high ticket prices compared to other F1 races, coupled with the significant traffic disruptions caused by the circuit’s construction for local residents and workers.

Although F1 has previously held races in Las Vegas, this marks the inaugural edition of the new Grand Prix on the city streets. This development follows a surge in F1’s popularity in the U.S., largely attributed to the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

Despite the heightened excitement, ticket sales for the event have not met initial expectations. The Review-Journal mentions that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department installed privacy screens, which has raised uncertainty regarding the potential reapplication of the film.

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