Mazda’s Iconic SP hybrid concept: Longer, rotary-powered sports car with streamlined interior, small screen, and ,minimal switches

Mazda unveiled its new concept, the Iconic SP, set to debut at the 2023 Tokyo auto show, boasting a larger frame than its renowned roadster and a hybrid rotary engine.

While specifics were scarce, Mazda did share dimensions, revealing the Iconic SP to measure 164.6 inches long, 72.8 inches wide, and 45.3 inches tall, with a wheelbase nearly 102 inches long, making it a significant size upgrade over the Miata. Weighing 3197 pounds, it significantly outweighs the Miata by 850 pounds.

The hybrid system within the Iconic SP integrates electric motors and a twin-rotor rotary engine, functioning mainly as a range extender to charge the battery rather than powering the wheels directly, a setup akin to the MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV, which debuted earlier with a similar configuration.

Mazda emphasizes the Iconic SP’s use of carbon-neutral fuel and the potential to utilize various fuels such as hydrogen. Generating 365 horsepower, the sports car promises an exhilarating performance, doubling as a power source for outdoor activities or emergencies.

Designed for driving enthusiasts, the concept boasts a low center of gravity and a balanced weight distribution, supported by a sleek, low-set hood housing the compact rotary engine. Its bodywork, akin to polished seaglass, incorporates the iconic Mazda grille and streamlined LED headlights.

The cabin, characterized by simplicity, features a modest screen adjacent to the steering wheel and a set of sliders on the center console. Enhanced by a digital gauge displaying the Monaco Grand Prix track map and a g-force meter, the interior exudes a luxurious ambiance with suede upholstery, harmonizing with the vibrant Viola Red exterior and matching red stitching.

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