2024 Mustang: Remotely rev engine with key fob

Ford’s 2024 Mustang comes with a unique feature, Remote Rev, allowing drivers to remotely rev the engine through the key fob. This was unveiled with the seventh-gen Mustang in the past year, and Ford reiterated its significance with a demonstration video and notable achievements list.

In order to initiate Remote Rev, pressing the lock button once and then the remote start button twice will start the engine remotely. After that, the rev function can be activated by pressing the unlock button followed by the lock button in a specific order. Once activated, the revs spike at 3000, 4000, and 5000 rpm, as shown in the demonstration video.

In addition, Ford has also released an infographic highlighting the key milestones in the Mustang’s history. Please refer to the infographic below for further details.

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