Lotus unveils Emeya: High-performance electric sedan boasting 905 horsepower

Lotus has made a triumphant return to the sedan market with the introduction of the Emeya, ending a decades-long absence and marking a significant shift towards electric vehicles. The Emeya proudly takes its place as Lotus’ fully electric model.

This momentous debut occurred at an exclusive Manhattan event venue, commencing on September 9th, offering the public a firsthand look at what’s in store. The Emeya’s design is characterized by a sleek silhouette inspired by the Eletre, incorporating active shutters seamlessly integrated into the front fascia.

These innovative shutters serve a dual purpose, improving aerodynamics and ensuring efficient cooling. Furthermore, the vehicle incorporates adjustable front and rear elements for enhanced performance optimization.

Beneath its chassis, the Emeya’s suspension system employs air springs and sensors, delivering a ride that perfectly balances comfort and control. Inside the vehicle, the interior design echoes that of the Eletre, featuring a landscape-oriented central screen along with separate driver and passenger screens.

Adding to its appeal, the Emeya boasts a premium KEF audio system and opulent leather and Alcantara trim. Sharing its platform with the Eletre, the Emeya comes equipped with impressive specifications, including a robust 905 horsepower generated by a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, powered by a 102-kilowatt-hour battery.

With a 2-speed transmission, it accelerates from 0-62 mph in a remarkable 2.78 seconds and reaches a top speed of 159 mph. In terms of range, the Emeya is expected to match the Eletre, offering approximately 300 miles on a single charge, as per EPA standards.

Charging the Emeya is a swift process, capable of reaching up to 350-kilowatt rates, achieving an 80% capacity in just 15 minutes. It’s worth noting that the development of the Emeya was overseen by Lotus Technology, with production based in Wuhan, China, where it shares the facility with the Eletre. This facility is also set to produce a compact crossover in 2025, further expanding Lotus’ electric vehicle portfolio.

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