2014 SRT Viper TA gets detailed

Track enthusiasts, rejoice: SRT just pumped a little something extra into the Viper, aiming it specifically at those glorious souls who love to head to the track and test the limits of their vehicle.

Only 159 of the new SRT Viper TA (for Time Attack) will be made, but for the track enthusiast, there’s never been a Viper even remotely close to this version. SRT focused entirely on taking an already dynamically fast vehicle and making it hug the track. They understood that the speed of the Viper did not need improving, so the 8.4-liter V-10 that cranks out a blazing 640 hp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque remains unchanged from the standard Viper.

Instead, they focused on the aerodynamics, adding carbon fiber front splitters and a rear spoiler that will increase downforce by 700% at 150 mph (and with the aforementioned engine, you should have no problem hitting 150 mph on a track). They focused on suspension, calibrating the Bilstein DampTronic system specifically for the race track. They added carbon fiber where they could, to increase rigidity and  decrease weight (the TA comes in at just 3,390 lbs). And they included Brembo high-thermal brake pads that help dissipate heat if you’ve been giving it a strong workout at the track.

While the car is clearly built for the track, it remains a viable sports car for the normal roads, as well. The cabin remains virtually untouched (though the seats can accommodate 6-point harnesses), meaning that drivers can treat the TA like any other Viper on a day to day basis.

The TA will only be offered in three colors, with 93 “TA Orange” versions, and 33 each of Venom Black and Bright White.  Not that the color matters; what matters is getting this bad boy on a track.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

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