Toyota unveils ultra-luxury Century SUV, Japanese debut this year at $170,000

Toyota is preparing to introduce its newest model, the “Century” SUV, to the Japanese market later this year, pricing it at approximately $170,000. While its international availability remains undisclosed, there is speculation that it will extend beyond its sedan counterpart, which is currently only offered in Japan and a few select markets.

The Century has an illustrious heritage spanning three generations and over five decades, celebrated for its robust engine, roomy interior, and Toyota’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. This SUV iteration retains the sedan’s signature boxy design and iconic phoenix emblem, measuring an impressive 205 inches in length and accommodating up to four passengers.

Inside, the interior strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and elegance, featuring a digital instrument cluster, a generously sized infotainment screen, and intuitively placed physical buttons. Distinguishing it from the sedan, the SUV boasts two separate rear seats that can recline almost completely flat.

Toyota’s vision for the Century SUV is tailored to the needs of the chauffeur-driven class, offering a dedicated Rear Comfort mode for a seamless travel experience. This mode assists the driver in minimizing abrupt stops while ensuring the utmost passenger comfort.

Beneath the hood, the Century SUV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system that combines a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with power distributed to all four wheels. While specific power figures remain undisclosed, the vehicle prioritizes electric mode for urban driving and seamlessly transitions to hybrid mode for longer journeys.

Constructed on Toyota’s versatile TNGA platform, the SUV features rear-wheel steering for enhanced maneuverability. Additional amenities include a rear bulkhead for cabin isolation, noise-reducing glass, and a curb weight of approximately 5,665 pounds, aligning perfectly with expectations for a capacious and opulent SUV model.

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