Unique Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: 400 hours spent on Golden Era sketches for masterpiece

Designed to honor a devoted admirer of Bugatti, who wishes to celebrate the brand’s illustrious heritage, the Golden Era automobile underwent an intensive two-year craftsmanship process. A staggering total of 400 hours was dedicated exclusively to the intricate artwork that graces both sides of the vehicle. Accomplished by skilled artisans, these elaborate sketches were meticulously transferred onto the car’s exterior through the use of specialized pens.

This endeavor presented a formidable trial, standing as one of Bugatti’s most ambitious and personalized ventures.

Achim Anscheidt, the former Director of Bugatti Design, stressed the importance of upholding authenticity by employing the same pens that are used for sketching on paper. Anscheidt expounded, stating that straying from this established process would jeopardize the genuine essence and the overall quality of the project.

On the vehicle’s right flank, an array of 26 distinct illustrations take center stage, showcasing renowned models such as the Type 41 Royale and Type 57 SC Atlantic. Meanwhile, the left side portrays a collection of 19 sketches narrating Bugatti’s evolutionary journey since 1987. This encompassing portrayal includes contemporary classics like the EB110, Veyron, Chiron, and the iconic W16 engine.

The car’s exterior itself acts as a canvas, boasting a gradient paint arrangement that seamlessly shifts from a Nocturne Black hue at the front to an exclusive Dore gold shade, elegantly extending from the A-pillar towards the rear.

The dedication to precision is consistently evident within the cabin, where hand-painted door panels artistically depict legendary Bugatti models such as the EB110, Veyron, Chiron, Type 35, Type 57 SC Atlantic, and Type 41 Royale. Subtle yet opulent Golden Era stitching, along with a handwritten “One-of-One” emblem, collectively elevate the interior to new heights.

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