Anxious driver? Here’s how to learn to relax

When other people seem to take to driving like a duck to water, it can make it hard to understand why you find it difficult. You might understand the technicalities of driving, and even pass your test to get your license. However, when you’re an anxious driver, it can make driving very stressful and sometimes even unsafe. If driving makes you feel anxious, you can end up avoiding it as much as you can. But avoiding it just means you don’t get the practice that you need, and your anxiety can get even worse. Fortunately, you have lots of options if you want to learn to relax.


If you’re dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, perhaps not just when you’re behind the wheel, getting the right treatment is important. There could be a reason you’re feeling anxious, such as having previously been in an accident. If you need help to pay for treatment, such as seeing a therapist, speaking to an attorney after an accident is a good idea. A truck accident lawyer could help you to get financial compensation, which can help to cover the costs of any treatment resulting from your accident. In addition to therapy, you might find other treatments, such as medication, to be helpful too.


If your problem is a lack of confidence in your driving skills, you might want to think about going back to basics. Going back over the skills you learned can help to refresh your memory and reassure you that you do know what you’re doing. You could seek out some extra lessons, or maybe just ask a friend or relative if they would go on a couple of drives with you. Do some studying to refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road and check that you know your stuff.


A lot of the driving you do will be because you have somewhere you need to be. You need to get to work, go grocery shopping, or pick someone up. But when you’re on a deadline or have to drive at a certain time of the day, it can place more pressure on you. Practice makes perfect when it comes to driving and feeling more comfortable, so plan to do some driving when you don’t have any obligations. Go for a practice drive just because, not because you have to. That could mean practicing one of your usual routes, but you could also go for a fun drive somewhere new.


Everyone can feel anxious sometimes, but knowing how to deal with these feelings is what matters. When you have techniques to calm yourself down, you can concentrate more on driving. You can use methods like breathing deeply, focusing on your driving, and being mindful. If you need to get yourself under control, try to find somewhere to stop, gather yourself, and perhaps even get out of the car for a short walk or some fresh air.

Being an anxious driver shouldn’t stop you from driving. Increase your confidence and address your anxiety to make driving easier.

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