Porsche reveals Vision 357 Speedster with modernized 356 design and an all-electric powertrain

The Porsche Vision 357 Speedster is set to make its physical debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. While boasting nostalgic aesthetics, this model incorporates advanced technology inspired by the 718 GT4 e-performance.

Notably, the 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance houses a dual-motor powertrain capable of delivering either 735kW at its highest output or 450kW in a mode designed for sustained high-speed operation over 30 minutes.

Porsche highlights the Vision 357 concept’s solid and unified body, with the Speedster variant emphasizing this feature through its shortened windshield. The cabin’s right side is covered by a tonneau cover, a characteristic often seen in traditional open-top sports cars. Positioned ahead of a carbon roll-over element, the driver’s headrest adds to the design.

Retro design elements include round-shaped headlights and a vertical grille pattern integrated with the third brake light at the rear. Cameras replace conventional mirrors, mounted forward on the fenders, while patterned tail lights are situated behind a meticulously crafted body.

Featuring Marble Grey and Grivelo Grey metallic, the concept car displays a striking two-tone gray finish. Extending to the front wheels and fenders, the latter color is complemented by pops of Miami Blue, adding contrasting accents.

The 20-inch magnesium wheels pay homage to the classic 356 A and 356 B models, featuring carbon-fiber hubcaps and central locks. Miami Blue is employed for the quick-release mechanisms on the front bonnet and large painted numbers, distinguishing it from the coupe concept that showcased red highlights.

Exclusive comic unicorn illustrations, created specifically for this concept by Porsche designers, can be found in front of the rear wheels.

Inside, the driver enjoys a sporty seat with Racetex-covered pads and a six-point belt featuring a Miami Blue strap. The carbon fiber-reinforced plastic shell is seamlessly integrated into the monocoque. The minimalist cabin places focus on the driver, with a transparent instrument cluster atop the steering column.

Boasting a carbon-weave finish with Miami Blue accents, the dashboard showcases its uniqueness. Departing from the conventional glove compartment, the upper-right section presents straps designed to secure accessories. Opting for simplicity, Porsche replaces traditional door handles with fabric straps.

Porsche’s chief designer, Michael Mauer, explains that the Porsche Vision 357 pays homage to the original model line, capturing Ferry Porsche’s vision of a sports car. Like the celebrated 356, available as both a convertible and coupe, this concept car emphasizes two distinct variations.

Mauer believes the Porsche Vision 357 Speedster embodies the brand’s essence, showcasing its DNA even with innovative design elements, as witnessed in the recent Mission X model presentation.

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