Mercedes-Benz adopts Tesla’s charging standard for North America

Mercedes-Benz recently made the decision to embrace Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), following the lead of other automakers. Starting in 2024, Mercedes electric vehicles (EVs) will be able to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger network in North America.

Additionally, Mercedes plans to expand its own charging infrastructure by installing more than 2,500 high-power chargers across North America, with the first sites expected to open in late 2023.

This adoption of the NACS places Mercedes in line with other prominent automakers such as Ford, GM, Rivian, Volvo, and Polestar, who have already embraced this charging standard. However, notable brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Stellantis, and Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover have not yet offered compatibility with the NACS.

In certain states like Texas and Kentucky, charging stations funded by state resources are even required to adhere to the NACS.

Mercedes-Benz will introduce a NACS adapter for their existing CCS BEVs (Combined Charging System Battery Electric Vehicles) starting in 2024. Additionally, from the 2025 model year onwards, Mercedes will incorporate NACS ports into their North American vehicles during the manufacturing process.

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