Ford takes on Pikes Peak with powerful 1,400 hp electric SuperVan 4.2.

The Ford Supervan 4.2, an updated version of the fourth van model, has undergone exterior modifications tailored for the demanding conditions of the Pikes Peak course. Pikes Peak features a challenging terrain, spanning from 4,725 feet to 14,115 feet above sea level, with 156 turns, necessitating the optimization of downforce.

Significant changes have been made to enhance the van’s aerodynamics, including the addition of a large carbon-fiber rear spoiler and front splitter. These alterations allow the van to generate over 4,400 pounds of downforce at speeds of 150 mph, according to Ford.

Additionally, weight reduction measures have been implemented, utilizing the bodywork from the European-market E-Transit Custom with a specialized design exclusively for Pikes Peak.

In collaboration with Austrian rallying firm STARD, Ford has provided the motors for the Supervan 4.2, similar to the original version. However, the number of motors has been reduced from four to three, resulting in a power output decrease from the previous 1,972 hp to approximately 1,400 hp.

The van retains its all-wheel drive configuration, with one motor powering the front wheels and two motors powering the rear wheels, which is deemed optimal for conquering Pikes Peak.

To effectively control the substantial power while maneuvering the numerous corners, the van is equipped with a revised 600-kw regenerative braking system, complemented by carbon-ceramic rotors. These components are positioned behind magnesium forged wheels, equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires.

For the Supervan 4.2, Romain Dumas, the current record holder at Pikes Peak, will be the driver. In 2018, an unbeatable time of 7:57.148 was achieved by Dumas while driving the Volkswagen ID.R special. Despite not aiming to break records, the Supervan is anticipated to deliver an impressive performance.

Scheduled for June 25, the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb highlights Ford’s proud and long-standing involvement with the event. As far back as 1916, a Model T accomplished the climb in 28:03.

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