3 Reasons To Sue A Car Dealership

Car dealerships use several marketing methods to attract customers to buy from them. However, research reveals that 87% of buyers often feel something doesn’t match up in at least one of the processes leading up to the final purchase. Unfortunately, many will go on to buy the car only to have problems later. At this point, you have every right to sue, especially when there is evidence that the car dealership was not transparent or straightforward. Here are some reasons to sue a vehicle dealership.

  1. “Bait and Switch” advertising

This strategy used by some businesses largely falls under deceptive advertising, and if you’ve been a victim of this, the law gives you the right to sue the dealership. Several car dealerships use this deceptive tactic to attract customers to the business. These dealerships know that the high stopovers or visitations to their business are due to the ‘bait and switch’ tactic. Although this form of advertising is loosely based on another marketing technique, it is largely considered unethical. For example, when a vehicle dealership advertises low-priced cars, only for you to discover later that these prices are meant for a select group in the community, that is deceptive advertising. A survey on auto businesses revealed that such groups in the community are usually veterans or people within a specific credit score bracket. Another example is if the dealership advertised a higher-end model, only to discover when you’re ready to buy that a lower-end version is what’s available. These instances are clear cases of deceptive advertising, and you can sue the business for fraud.

  1. When you’ve been sold a lemon car

A lemon car is a descriptive term for a vehicle with significant faults impairing safety and normal function. In other words, driving will be unsafe and has a high risk of causing an accident. For example, if a vehicle dealership knowingly sells a car with faulty brakes and transmission, the chances of a road accident are significantly higher. That is because you cannot stop in time to avoid running into another vehicle ahead. Contacting car accident lawyers if an accident occurs will be prudent to deal with the legal aftermath of the incident. That includes receiving compensation for possible injuries and damages. More importantly, an experienced accident lawyer can start the process to sue the dealership that sold the lemon car to you. Handling that alone may be daunting because of the complexities involved, so you need an expert to lead you in the fight for justice after buying a lemon car that caused an accident.

  1. After realizing the dealership’s financing fraud

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) dealt with financing fraud orchestrated by the car dealership Tate’s Auto. The company had been accused of deceptive payment information and falsifying customers’ financial details. After a legal tussle, FTC ended up paying $415,00 to over 3000 customers who were victims of the crime. Tate’s Auto example is only one of many possible fraud incidents you could face when dealing with a vehicle dealership. Other illegal practices like inflating the interest rate or loan amount without informing the buyer are enough to sue the dealership. Reading and understanding the loan terms when buying a car is important. If possible, get an attorney to assess the contract for any breach or other legal violation. Doing this can spare you from the inconveniences others have faced. However, if you’re unfortunate to be embroiled in such an incident, remember you can sue and get justice.

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