Rivian joins GM and Ford in supporting Tesla Superchargers

On Tuesday, Rivian announced their intention to implement the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for their SUVs and trucks, enabling compatibility with Tesla Superchargers instead of the current J1772 CCS plug.

While the agreement has been finalized, there will be a transitional period. Rivian plans to offer an adapter by spring 2024, allowing existing Rivians to charge at Superchargers. By 2025, the R1 series will fully integrate the new port, and the upcoming R2 platform will support NACS from the beginning.

This move follows similar decisions by General Motors and Ford, who will initially provide adapters for Supercharger compatibility and plan for complete integration later.

Stellantis is also considering transitioning to NACS. The swift adoption of NACS by three major US EV sellers, including Rivian, has significantly elevated its prominence. If Stellantis embraces NACS, all major domestic manufacturers will align with the North American Charging Standard.

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