Airport parking firm caught in Tesla joyride scandal playing Beyoncé, leaving battery depleted

An employee of an airport parking service took an unauthorized drive in a Tesla, reaching speeds of up to 109mph on rural roads. During the owners’ absence in Rome, the driver traveled over 100 miles while playing Beyoncé’s music at maximum volume, and the Whitfields discovered this when they noticed the car was unlocked through the connected mobile application.

To their disappointment, the app also indicated that the $70,000 car was not securely parked at Bristol Airport, but instead left in a lay-by on the A38, roughly eight miles south. Additionally, the couple had to recharge the electric car on their way back home to Truro, Cornwall, as the unauthorized drive had drained the battery, further adding to their travel requirements.

Jemma, who was celebrating her birthday in Rome, voiced her surprise, stating, “Using the Tesla app, we consistently monitored this driver’s actions of surpassing the speed limit, reaching speeds of up to 100mph in a 50mph zone. At one instance, the driver even reached 109mph. It was highly irresponsible.”

Ryanair had endorsed the “meet & greet” service provider known as The parent company,, disclosed that they had temporarily halted the service pending an ongoing investigation. They further conveyed their ongoing discussions with the provider regarding compensation matters.

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