3 great interior upgrades for your car

When you think about car upgrades, your mind turns towards some of the performance aspects of your car. Upgrading the engine or transmission can help your car go a little faster. Improving the suspension can upgrade the ride quality, and so on. 

From an aesthetic perspective, you only think about the outside of your car. Adding a spoiler gives it a new racing aesthetic, or altering some of the detailing can improve the way your vehicle looks. However, did you ever think about the interior upgrades that will improve your car? If you’re interested in improving the interior of your vehicle, here are three ideas to consider:


Changing the appearance of your car seats is a very easy way to overhaul the interior design. Of course, swapping out old seats for new ones can be costly and annoying. You’ll have to take your car into a garage to get everything sorted – and you also have to be sure the new seats fit your vehicle. 

Instead, you can use seat covers, which are exactly as you think. These covers go over your seats and give them a fresh new look – they’re even available in different materials, such as racing leather! It’s a simple way to refresh the look of your interior without breaking the bank. 


Back in the day, an easy way to upgrade your car was by swapping out the old cassette player for a CD player. Or, you could change the car radio to one that looked a bit more impressive. These days, you can do pretty much the same thing, only you’re replacing the whole entertainment system. 

If you’re got an older car, you can swap out the current system for a much more advanced one. This can give you a touch screen console on your dashboard, letting you control all of the entertainment. It could also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your phone and use things like Apple CarPlay. Not only does it improve interior aesthetics, but it also makes your car more enjoyable to drive. 


Car floor mats tend to be pretty awful. Most vehicles come with a standard mat that offers almost no protection. So, you can upgrade your car by getting some brand new floor mats that are built to last and look very pleasing to the eye. 

Plenty of options present themselves, but a PVC floor mat is probably the best. It can come in many different styles and colours, while also providing excellent durability. As such, the floor of your car will be transformed, making the whole interior look more modern and fetching. 

Upgrading the performance aspects and exterior of your car can be fun, but don’t forget about the interior! The three ideas presented above will dramatically change how your car looks and feels. Nevertheless, there are still lots of other ideas you can consider as well. For example, why not upgrade the speaker system in your vehicle? Or, install LED lighting on the inside to create a really cool ambience. The more you look into things, the more opportunities there are to completely transform your car interior. 

Photo Credit: Toyota

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