Fun First Year Driving Tips For New Drivers

Well done on passing your driving test! You’ve got the official legal authority to drive when you want where you want (within reason). Naturally, feeling the need to drive everywhere and anywhere is part and parcel of the bug you get when you’ve passed your test, whether it’s driving to the local shop or picking up your nan for dinner. Even more so you might be so inclined to actually help others out more because it means getting to reunite with your new found passion for driving.

To flourish in your new found freedom, there are a few essentials you should follow, especially in the first year. However, evidently, a lot of first-time drivers don’t; hence the statistics on car crashes for first-year drivers. To save yourself from being another statistic, here are your fun first year driving tips to get you through the first year of driving unscathed (well as fun as keeping you safe can be anyway).


If a 3 liter, tinted windows, noisy exhaust car is at the top of your agenda, you’re probably not being as sensible as you could be in your car buying quest. It’s quite common for first time drivers to purchase a run-down car of any kind to get them from A to B as they expect that they may get scuffs and scrapes within the first year. Although there is common sense in this method, choosing a run down beat-up car because you’re hedging your bets that you might crash, is probably not the best train of thought to jump on. Instead choosing a car that’s sensible and safe is a better alternative. In the best case scenario, this means it will have an MOT by a trustworthy garage, a checked history (to see if it’s stolen or been in a crash), the seatbelts work, and the car has some kind of service history to gauge its previous maintenance. To add more fun to this tip, see if the seller can offer you a warranty.


Harnessing your inner desire to stick your foot down on the pedal in your car will never end well for anyone; you, your passengers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, the need for speed will increase the likelihood of either getting your first speeding ticket or excelling towards your first car crash or prison. Both incredibly unsatisfying, sometimes painful and not worth the risk. The truth is partaking in pointless races too and from one set of traffic lights to another, barely gaining leverage on the drivers you’ve cut in front of will do nothing but aggravate other road users. Which is why it’s best to let your speedy desires subside in exchange for actually arriving safely to your intended destination. So much fun!


Driving veterans can’t do this effectively, nevermind newbies, so trying to multitask by eating a burrito and talking on the phone to your friends while driving, will leave you in a predicament when you need your hands and mind urgently to engage and take control of avoiding a collision. You are essentially driving a killing machine on the road. Save yourself any unnecessary embarrassment and incidents, no ones capable of multi-tasking well, so if you’re driving drive and maybe partake in a little bit of singing along with the radio, but that’s about it.


Surely there’s a common theme between recurring offenders on the road, where driving is one of the familiar things in the world renowned for its potential to sabotage and ruin lives, the only possible reason drivers choose to drive awfully time after tie must be due to the idea that everyone including themselves are immortal. Perhaps there’s a belief that new drivers and sometimes “advanced” drivers are demigods, they suffer no danger and subsequently heal from any injuries. When of course, the tip is here, this isn’t true, we’re all as feeble and mortal as the next human. Something that doesn’t tend to help this way of life is alcohol. An obvious point you’re thinking, however entirely necessary to mention considering the statistics on drunk driving.

In all seriousness, this is for yours and every other road users safety. Drive defensively, be cautious, follow the road rules, and call accident injury attorneys if you are struck or strike another vehicle, for the first few years at the very least. And then you can begin to allow your driving to regress, by switching lanes without indicating and nearly rolling back into other cars because you overestimated the strength/support of your handbrake later on. Happy driving!

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