How listening to music in your car can be a bad distraction

When you first learn how to drive, the idea of having to multitask seems unthinkable, attempting to concentrate on the road ahead whilst simultaneously controlling the gas and brake pedals. However distractions in your vehicle can cause more disruptions than you think. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers any activity that diverts the drivers attention away from the wheel as an activity that is potentially dangerous. 

Though you might not consider listening to music in your car as problematic, it can be. When you are blasting out your favourite song on your Zena Racing sound system, you are 40% more likely to divert your attention away from the road. This is likely to be because your brain is more focused on the beat and lyrics of the song as opposed to putting all its effort onto the road ahead and assessing  potential dangers. All it takes is a split second for a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle to suddenly appear in front of you, causing you to alter your speed dramatically. 

According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) the worst age group for distracted drivers were those aged between 20-29 who accounted for at least 25% of driving incidents. Essentially it is not solely the act of listening to the music that is problematic, but when you also physically take your eyes off the road to skip songs that is an issue.  

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