Why the big ‘ol truck is making a comeback

The classic American truck really is a phenomenon that you don’t see anywhere else in the world. Sure you have pickup trucks that are all over the globe, performing many jobs for farmers, surveyors, and exploring parties. However, there aren’t many of them on the streets as normal everyday vehicles. One of the reasons is, it’s too large for European streets and it has been replaced in a sense.

The mighty new crossover style of car has become the family car of choice. With ample room and great handling, it seems that the classic American truck has some stiff competition. But hold on, don’t think it’s a done deal just yet. Here is why the big old truck is making a comeback in America and in other parts of the world.


The Chevy Colorado has been a staple in the truck world, for one simple reason. It has remained perhaps the most rugged truck out of all the many options. With true four-wheel drive and lots of driver aids to assist in off-road ventures, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Having sold 132,482 models just in 2018/19, it is easily in the top 10 of most sought-after trucks in the world. 

The off-road package includes bulkier, thicker tyres, free axel steering and power delivery, and active chassis management to name a few. It’s rigid but not too tough. It’s modern air suspension is akin to the type you get on the best off-roader, the Landrover Defender.

The Colorado is unique in that it has a V6 engine that produces 364bhp but it can still tow 7,600lbs. Unlike other trucks that could only do so with a V8, this shows how low-end grunt has made the Colorado versatile, economical yet still true to its nature. As you might think, it’s made for the mountains. The turbo-charged engine works well in heights of 1,000-2,000-feet in elevation so you need not worry about a power drop-off.


The Ford 150-XL has been a real workhorse over the years. It’s been the truck of choice for the construction business owner, land surveyors that need to drive long hours, moving companies and of course, farmers. But why, why has it been so loved? 

It’s not just the badge. We admit that Ford has a certain prestige about it’s brand name thanks to the many years of successful models and innovations. However, the main reason is that the F-150 has continued to give a little bit of everything, for a very reasonable price. On Chapman Ford you can find the very latest mode of F-150-XL for as little as $40,000. It has a 2.7-liter V6. for such a small engine, it produces an immense amount of power, able to tow 6,700lbs. The body is a mixture of aluminium, chrome and lightweight steel, so it’s weight management concerns are commendably addressed. 

The F-150 is also a great cruiser one of the reasons why it remains a family vehicle to this day. It’s comfortable, large and can handle a bit of off-the-beaten-track driving. Dirt roads are not a problem, but it’s not designed for the muddy uphill battles that other trucks would relish.


It’s well-known that Japanese brands have pretty much taken over the American truck market. They have produced some of the best models that over the years, have become staples of the country’s much-loved truck class. One of the best is the Nissan Titan. It’s name suggests everything you need to know about it.

With a strong 5.6-liter V8 engine with 400lb-ft of torque and 390-bhp, it can tow 9,200lbs. That is an incredible amount, considering this is your everyday driver. It’s perhaps why many construction companies use the Titan as their company car. They can stuff the bay with lots of tools, weighing up to 500kg.

With over half a ton of rear bay capacity, it’s little wonder why it’s also the choice of campers, road-trip enthusiasts and of course, industrial professionals. It’s a five-foot bed, so you can really store some large items. However, it is also unique in the fact that it has leather upholstery as standard. Climate control, driver aids, heated seats and an excellent sat-nav, it’s also very practical and easy to live with.

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Trucks have largely remained an American thing, but lately we have seen that, that isn’t much of a problem. Rather than rely on exports, brands that make trucks have felt comfortable in only making trucks for their American audience. This may indicate that the crossover isn’t as popular in America, as it is in Europe or elsewhere.

Trucks have made a comeback because they have become more livable. With more features that normal everyday cars have, trucks have become more comfortable to drive every day. Yet, the biggest reason for their ultimate rise once more is their engines.

With the advent of greener engine technology trucks have become shining examples of what the future beholds. The F-150 has the option of Ford Ecoboost, with a small 2-liter something engine with plenty of power, thanks to its turbos and electric motors. Hybrid trucks have become the norm and contrary to what critics think, they aren’t just a plaster on a deep cut. 

They are economical, they are improving the overall MPG and they are able to produce the power that is needed for the types of jobs trucks are used for. Diesel engines are going to be banned in this decade or at the start of the next. So brands have skipped ahead and began to make all-electric trucks that provide the same level of torque that is required for certain trucks, i.e. towing trucks. 

The future looks certain for American trucks, as the rise continues to be welcomed across the motoring world. Trucks have always been versatile but they have never been comfortable or economical. Well, the last two boxes have now been ticked!

Photo Credit: Ford

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