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Road trips are a fun way to travel and explore a new city. Even more, the really great thing about road trips is that unlike air travel, there is no limit to the amount of luggage you can carry on. However, to avoid packing a lot and still missing out on the essentials, we have grouped all you’ll need for a road trip into 6 categories. You can create a checklist of all these items and it’s sure to make packing for your next road trip relatively easy.


These are the essentials that will keep your car on the road. With over 1,100 mortalities a year caused by car accidents, quite a number can be avoided by ensuring a car is sound before getting behind the wheel. Your car kit should include items like your license and registration, a copy of your car insurance policy, a spare tire, and the car manual. You should also aim to carry along a roadside emergency kit containing light sticks, emergency phone battery charger, and a reflective vest, among a handful of other items. These items will keep you ready and prepared for any possible contingency.


From stings and bites to scratches, aches, and infections, having a first aid kit that can easily fit into your glove compartment will prepare you for all kinds of disasters. The First Aid Kit is also known as the Emergency Kit so it is best to keep it in a spot that is easily accessible. Important items to have in your First Aid kit should include bandages, wound cleaning materials, and pain relievers, like aspirin.


Road trips often require sitting in a car for longer periods than you’re used to. So, your Comfort Kit should basically be made of things that make your stay in the car more comfortable. Essentials in your comfort kit should include a blanket for when it gets cold, a travel pillow, sunglasses, flip flops, reusable water bottles, travel mugs for hot and cold drinks, hand sanitizers, etc.


Just because you are on a road trip doesn’t mean you have to be out there looking like a wild animal. Wet wipes or baby wipes will come in handy when there is nowhere to shower. For the most part, it is like having a shower in a pack for a quick refresh. Items like sunscreen, a toiletry bag, a hairbrush, and ties and lip balm should not be left out. Another important thing to remember is the three Ts – toothbrush, toothpaste, and tissues.


You’ll definitely stay connected and entertained on your road trip if you have these items handy. A great playlist, a book or two, portable WiFi and travel games, and a Bluetooth headset among other things will keep you connected without having to use your hands. As you may know, besides the risk, many places around the world consider it illegal to use your phone while driving.

Depending on your destination, extra items like a cooler, snacks, garbage bags, and tweezers or swiss army pocket knife can also be packed.

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