15 gadgets & applications to enhance your vehicle

Car enthusiasts are often looking for ways to improve their vehicles, whether it’s a new paint job or the latest engine modification. There are plenty of gadgets and apps that you can use to improve performance, safety, and leisure. These fifteen tools have got plenty to offer to enhance your beloved motor.


1 . DashCam 

A dashcam is a type of onboard camera that is fixed to the dashboard of your windscreen or car. Dashcams are positioned to face the road, and you can also get rear dashcams. A dashcam will start up when the engine turns on, recording your whole journey.

One of the great things about dashcams is that they can be timed stamped, meaning they can serve as evidence for an accident on the road. You can also set your dashcam to parking mode, which records footage any time there’s an impact. This feature can help someone who bashes into your wing mirror and does not leave their details. There are plenty of types of dashcams, at a range of different budgets. According to Digital Camera World, the Garmin Dash Cam 66W is one of the best.

2. Car HUDS

A Car HUDS stands for a ‘head-up-display.’ It’s a device that displays essential info, including the vehicle speed, onto the windscreen. Newer Car HUDS includes features such as sign recognition and sat-nav. With some devices, you can also display certain information from your smartphone. Car HUDS displays come in two styles; one is built with a screen which protrudes from the dash, (sometimes called a combiner HUD). The other type of dashboard projects the data directly to the windscreen, using a module that sits on top of the dashboard. The Auto Guide website recommends the Yunzhong Universal GPS Speedometer.

3. Vehicle Cell Signal Booster

Vehicle cell signal boosters are designed to amplify the cell phone signal surrounding and inside your car. These devices function by improving weak cellular signals, whether used by tablets, smartphones, cell phones, or hotspots. Vehicle cell signal boosters help amplify cell signals to enhance voice quality, improve data speeds, and reduce dropped calls. There are different vehicle boosters available depending on whether you have a car, a truck, or a fleet. Some boosters are especially designed to reach even the farthest cell towers. A weBoost vehicle cell signal booster is considered one of the best options.

4. Tire Safety Monitor

Nonda’s ZUS is a great tire safety monitor; you can monitor tire pressure from your smartphone using this device. The device tracks slow leaks using a special algorithm called AccuTemp. The device also includes an anti-theft lock feature and a USB port, whereby you can charge your other devices. Driving with the wrong tire pressure affects your performance and puts you in a dangerous position on the roads, so it’s vital to keep on top of this.

5. Car Air Purifier

Installing a car air purifier can help you to remove toxins, chemicals, and allergens, from the air inside your car. With one of these devices, you’ll make your car a healthier space, reduce allergies, and keep your car odor-free! Here are a few car purifier options to check out:

  • Nova 2-1 Car Air Purifier: According to Auto Quarterly, ‘this car purifier emits 5.6 million negative ions for every cubic centimeter inside the vehicle.’ The Nova air purifier can get rid of pollen, dust, and toxins while also removing the odor of smoke.
  • LUOYIMAN Portable Air Purifier: This portable air purifier works perfectly to remove smells, germs, and chemicals from the air of your car. It’s a low maintenance device and features handy power-saving capabilities.

6. Portable Espresso Machine

When we’re on the road, it’s important to stay alert, and so an Espresso machine is the perfect gadget for any vehicle. One outstanding brand is the ‘Wacaco Minipresso GR.’ The machine has a compact flask which provides great extraction pressure and one tasty coffee! The machine is easy to use, relying on pure ‘hand power,’ so you don’t need air cartridges or batteries. The device is ideal for camping, road trips, or simply to keep in your car while you’re on the go. It’s one of the best portable espresso machines you’ll find.

7. Amazon Echo Auto

To improve your driving experience, why not add an Amazon Echo Auto to your car? You can use your voice to adjust your diary, set notifications, make payments, play music, listen to the news, send texts, and more! The Amazon Echo Auto is especially made for the roads using far-field tech and eight different microphones. The Echo Auto can still hear your voice perfectly, whether there’s road-noise, the A/C, or music playing.


8. Fuelly

Fuelly is an app that supports users to calculate how much fuel their vehicle uses. You can use the app to track your car’s fuel economy and gather insights about the health of your vehicle. Using the Fuelly app, you can discover your gas mileage (on average) and make adjustments to your driving (if appropriate). It’s useful to have this type of information to help you budget your fuel costs. With a clear understanding of your fuel consumption, you might be able to save yourself a few dollars!

9. Car Minder 

Perhaps you find it tricky to keep on top of your car servicing? If so, the Car Minder app is the tool you need. Car Minder lets you know when you need to book the next car maintenance check-up. Using the app, you can log in your service history and access data about your past expenses. Here you can monitor everything from oil changes to tire rotations and windshield wiper replacements. The better care you take of the vehicle, the more likely you’ll increase longevity and performance.

10. Flo Driving Insights

The Flo Driving Insights app was designed to help you become a safer driver. The app works by using your GPS to track and record your habits, trips and offer feedback. With the Flo Insights data, you can learn about how you accelerate, deal with corners, and your braking habits. Flo keeps track of your driving history, so you can see which areas you should improve. Using the app, you can keep others safe while driving, as well as yourself. When applying for your car insurance, you can use the info stored in Flo to prove your great driving habits (and possibly receive a discount)!

11. Just Park

Finding a parking space can sometimes be a nightmare, but with the JustPark app, you can ditch the stress and make things simple. Using the app, you can quickly locate the right parking options and save money with booking and discounts. The app will also navigate you to your parking space to make life easier. Features include availability in real-time, restrictions info, and expiry reminders. The app includes over 1.4 million different options, including street meters, driveways, and off-street options.

12. Radarbot 

The Radarbot app features both speed camera detection and real-time alerts, helping you to drive more safely and wave goodbye to fines. The app provides warnings about all kinds of fixed cameras, including traffic light cameras, tunnel cameras, fixed speed cameras, and ANPR cameras. A few of the app features include battery-saving settings, different visualization modes, voice notifications, and a simple interface.

13. Mile IQ

If you drive as part of your job, the MileIQ app may well come in handy. The app helps you track your business miles, and this data can be used for reimbursement or taxes. Mile IQ functions by auto-monitoring and tracking miles, so you can increase tax reductions and save money. Mile IQ helps users to separate their personal miles and their business miles. With this app, it’s simple to create a log that your business will accept for finance purposes.

14. Plug Share

Electric vehicle owners simply must download the PlugShare app; this application helps you to locate charging stations, connect with fellow EV owners, and leave your reviews. The app stores data about thousands of EV charge stations, including SemaConnect, Tesla SuperCharger, ChargePoint, Canada, Electrify America, North America, and more. Using PlugShare, you can access descriptions, photos, real-time availability, pay with the app, connect with navigation apps, get notified about new charge stations, and more.

15. AutoMate

Using the Automate application, you can access various common services while you drive. Automate provides the info you need while allowing you to keep your eyes on the roads. Automate can automatically launch any navigational app you like. You can search for restaurants and gas stations, reply to messages, and call contacts, all using automatic voice control. The last thing you want is to get distracted while you’re driving, and with the Automate app, you can ensure that you stay focused.

These tools will help you to get more enjoyment out of your driving experience, and perhaps even save you a little money and time. There are plenty more car gadgets out there, so stay on the lookout!

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