Tips to keep others safe while driving

Keeping yourself safe on the road is one thing but making sure other people on the road are safe is something that we can often forget about. Regardless of how safe you are as a driver, there are always potential dangers that others might cause to themselves or to you. It’s important that you practice responsible for driving at all times and be wary of everything that happens on the road. Here are some tips to keep others safe while driving.


Being wary of your car’s performance is important because only you will know if something doesn’t look or sound right. A good attitude to have when it comes to your car is to give it a once over every time you’re about to drive it. This can help you look for any visual signs to the exterior that might suggest something isn’t quite right.

Starting up the engine, take a quick look at the dashboard and listen to the sound of the engine. Any signs that pop up on the dash and that you’re not sure of should be addressed in your car manual. For any sounds that don’t sound right, you should call into a garage to get it checked. It’s better to get it checked than to continue as normal when there could be some kind of risk that you’re not addressing.


Concentrating on the road in front of you is essential. You might find that you often take your eyes off the road, and it’s a habit you want to practice getting out of. When you’re driving, your eyes should be on the road at all times and be wary of what’s going on around you too.

Make sure you’re not distracted by anything that could take your eyes off the road, even for a split second. It could be changing the radio station or by answering a phone call whilst on the move. Even if that phone is attached to your windshield and is hands-free, it’s still a distraction. You’re still more distracted than you would be if you weren’t using it.


Seatbelts are a life-saver, and it’s weird to think that they weren’t introduced into cars until the 1980s. With that being said, though, there’s still those who will risk their lives and not wear seatbelts in the car. It’s important to take responsibility as a driver and to ensure everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

Most modern cars now have indicators that let the driver know that someone has undone their seatbelt, and this is worth having on at all times. If not, always check before you start your engine that everyone is safe and secure with their seatbelt fastened properly in place.

Be Wary Of Cyclists/MotorcyclistsCyclists and motorcyclists are certainly vulnerable when on the road. It’s also worth noting that there are motorcycle helmet laws by state and so you can’t always go on the premise that they are fully kitted up and protected.

As a result, it’s important to be wary of these cyclists and motorcyclists at all times. Be aware of where they are when you see them and keep them in your line of sight, whether they’re in front or behind you. It’s important that you’re careful at all times and driving at a safe distance away from them.


Distance is important, so when it comes to driving, be sure to keep a reasonable distance between you and the other cars. This is the case for both the front and back ends of your vehicle. If someone is getting to close behind you, then find a way of letting them pass where you can. You should always be able to see the registration plate of the car in front and behind you at all times. This is enough distance for someone to do an emergency stop and hopefully cause the least amount of damage or impact to the car they hit.


And finally, it’s important to know your speed limits. Check the roads you’re driving on and your Sat Nav where possible so that you are aware of what limits they are and so that you don’t go over them. Speed limits are in place for a reason, after all!

Keeping yourself and others safe while driving is essential, so use these tips to make sure that happens.

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