Get your car looking nice, and staying nice!

When someone decides to improve their car, they do so based on their tastes and needs , but also according to the “shortcomings” of the vehicle . So the term “improvement” is very broad and subjective, while there are also cases where what you consider an upgrade, others perceive as a “tragedy”, something that usually has to do with exaggeration.

First, the first thing: What raises “improvement” is the performance of the engine , but also the suspension, braking, exhaust and steering systems. More throttle, better grip, stronger braking and more participatory driving are usually what you want.  On the other hand, there is the appearance, but also the… comfort. The solutions are many and vary from an accessory to a complete body kit.  


Those who want a complete facelift in the appearance of your car, the answer lies in the word body kits. There are endless different combinations to choose from and really make your car look different. The most popular parts of a body kit that most people choose to add are the  fenders and the bumpers. Aftermarket options are plentiful in the market and for all tastes. Of course, we must emphasize that the specific parts change all the behavior and the “pushing” of the car on the road, since they affect its aerodynamics and the air intake. For the more extreme, in the trade you will find special wide body kits with inflated wings, side sills, hood with air intakes, etc.  You may also want to look at engine gasket kits

Here is how you can also extend the life of your car once the changes have been made:


Sun rays, bird droppings … All this attacks the painting on a daily basis. Apply a layer of wax for extra protection; Ideally, do it a couple of times a year as a coat of wax prevents moisture from penetrating. Remember that a bad paint detracts from the value of the car when you try to sell it on the second hand market.


The plastics in your car age due to the influence of the environment and do not tolerate the use of the wrong detergent. Be careful if you use products with strong abrasive properties, because they are capable of damaging rubber. There are many external factors that can crack rubber. If this happens, your car will not only look run down; it will also suffer more from the weather damages (even water can enter the cabin in heavy rain). To avoid this, use rubber renovators from time to time and, in truth, raise the dashboard so that it does not damage the sun.


The accumulation of dirt is a source of corrosion, so it is important to remove the embedded stains promptly. A tip for car washes: carry out a prewash with the high pressure gun to remove dirt from difficult areas. Also remove the leaves accumulated in the air intakes. Your car will guarantee you a longer life!

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