Car or motorcycle? Which one is right for you?

So, you have decided that you need a new set of wheels, but you can’t choose between a new car or getting a motorcycle. The truth is, there are many pros and cons for both sides; it’s merely a case of weighing up which best suits you. Here are some of the things that you will need to consider before deciding which is best for you:


If you need a mode of transport for your family, a motorcycle is not going to cut it as your main vehicle. However, if you already have a car that’s fine for getting the rest of the family about a motorcycle can be a more economical alternative to buying a second car.

If you decide to swap a car for a motorcycle, you may be able to reduce the time your commute takes, as well as reducing running costs. Just be aware that you will need somewhere to keep your helmet and riding gear safe while you are at work. You will need to store your helmet somewhere that it won’t get knocked and damaged.

Some people decide to use a car during the week, and then a motorcycle for their leisure time. On the weekends you may want to enjoy the freedom of the open road and set off on a road trip on your motorcycle.

A massive benefit of motorcycles is that you won’t have the daily struggle of finding somewhere to park. Finding a space in the parking lot is a whole lot easier when you are on two wheels rather than four.


If you are planning to Trade a Car for a Motorcycle, then you will need to work out whether the amount you have to spend will cover what you are looking for. Generally speaking, motorcycles are cheaper to buy than cars, so you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can buy with your money. Just as with cars, motorcycles vary considerably in terms of performance, so the kind of bike you are hoping to purchase will impact on the price you pay.

Running costs for motorcycles are also generally less than they are for cars. However, don’t forget that if you are buying a bike, you will need to invest in some equipment to go with it. It’s essential to do your research and get the best safety gear that you can afford.


Safety is an inevitable topic of conversation that rears its head whenever motorcycles are mentioned. Inside your car, you have some degree of protection, as you are covered on all sides by the bodywork. Of course, a motorcycle is a different prospect altogether, and you are exposed to other road users, with only your safety clothing for protection. This is why your safety gear is so important. 

As you can see, both motorcycles and cars have their benefits and drawbacks. The final decision has to be based on your priorities and needs.

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