Is it time to get your car off the road?

Your car has served you for years, but recently it has not been at its best. You may have considered taking it off the road but how can you tell that it is time? How do you know that your car will be better off away from the road? It might be time to consider a vehicle donation in Albuquerque or the city you live in. 

Here is a guide that will answer all your questions and guide you on what your options are when your car is getting old.


Like other things in this life, cars become worn out over time. The issues start off small, but over time they may pile and become problematic. Look out for these signs to know that it is time to take the car away from the road:

1. Squeaky noises

Loud squeaky noises are embarrassing and you will not feel safe when inside one. If your car starts having these it means that the body parts are worn out. The noise is a warning that the parts are not functioning as they should. Old cars that have such noises need to get off the road before the squeaking parts malfunction.

2. Constant breakdowns

It is normal for cars to break down every now and then. If this becomes a norm, however, it is a sign that you need to get another car. These tips on how to keep calm when your car breaks down may help when you are stranded but you need to find a long-term solution. Avoid the stress associated with breakdowns by getting rid of that car that keeps breaking down.

3. Expensive repairs

As a car gets older, it requires maintenance more often and the need for repairs also arises often. How much are you spending on these? If you have been spending too much money, it is time to replace that car. If your car has a costly part damaged, the best action is to get rid of the car instead of paying for the repair. Some costly parts include the car transmission, fuel pump, engine alternator, timing belt, and vehicle camshaft to name but a few.

4. Warning Signs

You may also find that there are some warning signs that you won’t want to ignore. It could be that your car has been recalled and when this happens, you will want to listen to the guidelines. You’re likely to find that this can happen from time to time. From faults to newly found issues like asbestos in brake pad dust that can be dangerous, there are a bunch of reasons for this. So be aware of when it’s time to say goodbye to your car. There are also issues that can be car specific, such as Chevy Malibu brake problems and alike.


Now that you have determined that it is time to let go of your car, you must be wondering how to dispose of it. There are several options:

1. Donate to Charity

The car has served you for years and surely you must be grateful. How about giving back to the community and donating the car to a charity? Donating a vehicle will help get your car to a worthy organization out there. The donated car will be sold or scrapped and the money used to develop the charity organization.

2. Sell the car

If your car has not been declared unroadworthy, you can actually sell it. You will not fetch as much money as you would have if you had sold the car earlier but you will a good amount from reselling your car. You may choose to find the buyer on your own or make use of the services of car dealerships. Remember that selling an old car is not easy and you need to be patient.

3. Scrap it

When all else fails, have the car scrapped. Talk to a waste management firm and find out if they deal with scrap metals. If they do, talk to them about scrapping your car. This may be a hard decision to make considering that the car has so many memories and emotions attached to it.

On the brighter side, you will be paid for all the metal in your car. Plus, scrapping is recycling which is good for the environment. How much can you expect to make? This will depend on the car model, the state of the car, and other factors.

When your car is old and worn-out, it is time to get it off the road. When the cost of running the car becomes too high, it is best to get rid of it and later replace it. How do you get the car off the road? You may donate, sell, or scrap it.

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